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Cross-platform, Actionable, Graphical Git Dashboard

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Perform actions simply through the graphical UI, without using the command line.

Microservices / Submodules made easy:

See the status of all your submodules at a glance from the main screen of the UI

Pull and push submodules en masse

Create and switch branches en masse across all submodules

View what changes your coworkers are making to submodules/micro-repositories before you pull them

Cycligent Git Flow

Easily make changes to submodules/micro-repositories and multiple branches, especially restricted branches.

Specify branches that are common to all submodules/micro-repositories

Perform functions on a given common branch across all submodules

Exclude a given micro-repository from group actions.

Named Developer Branches

Developer branch can be live in the cloud as well as on your machine with one click of a button.

Working with Cycligent Git Flow the need to work with feature branches is greatly reduced.

When a developer named branch is pushed, a continuous integration system merges the pending changes on the named developer branch into the shared and then runs it through code analytics and the test suite.

Automated Cloud Activation

Automatically make branches live through Cycligent through an automated process or approval workflow

Cloud tasks deployed on Cycligent are automatically infused instead of additional coding work (message buses, competing consumers)

Run multiple instances of your application in same or different environments against the same URL

Tests and Debugs are automatically integrated

Advanced Features

Merge Conflicts

A Cross Platform Electron Angular 2 App that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.